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Review our insights into the wellness industry: gym design trends, latest news and our latest projects.

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Gym Design Trends

Our MD Stavros Theodoulou highlights some of the key trends for this year.


Recovery has now become an integral part of workout routines. The demand for dedicated recovery spaces is on the rise.  These space can be within the gym with areas for percussion/compression sessions or located in a Wellness Suite near the changing rooms, equipped with amenities like ice baths and infrared saunas.

Sustainable Design:

We’re seeing an increased number of clients who are pushing for the use of sustainable materials in the fit-out of their gym.  Eco-friendly gym equipment is on the rise alongside recycled materials for finishes and furnishing.

Fostering Community Through Design:

Seeking social connections at the gym is a priority for gym goers and is key to building a strong customer base. Creating interaction points, hesitation spaces and member hubs within the customer journey is key to driving social connections.

Training Pods:

As hybrid training gathers momentum, strength and functional zones are incorporating more Training Pods. These muti-functional storage racks and rigs give the member complete flexibility on how they train within zone. The impact of this is of course is more space allocated to Functional and Strength training zones within the overall gym layout.

Mental and Physical health:

As the stigma on mental health falls, it’s become apparent that many gym-goers use their workouts for mental benefits as well as physical. As a result, we’re seeing a holistic approach to gym design to incorporate meditation and yoga alongside strength and resistance training.

Recently completed and upcoming projects

Lunar Health Club

Exp. late 2024, Marlow UK. Lunar is a new private members club, hosting a range of facilities from boutique studios to wellness and recovery zones.


Finished 2023.  The HVN is a wellness sanctuary in the heart of Knightsbridge, London. Their offer is providing health and wellness treatments.

Fusion Lifestyle

Exp. 2024. A complete refurbish and new build of Kingsmead Leisure Centre in Canterbury. The new facility boasts four boutique studios and a thermal suite.

The Gryphons

A complete transformation for the Cromer Terrace Facility at Leeds University. The new strength and conditioning studio for their advanced athletes.

Industry News

Industry news from professionals and clients

Lunar makes a feature in HCM

Its great to see Lunar featuring in HCM magazine. It’s being referred to as aiming to be the most prestigious wellness sanctuary in the UK. The article delves into membership options, facilities and wellness treatments available. (Credit: HCM, 2024)

Nike Wellness Festival.

Exciting news! Sports giants Nike are debuting a fitness, wellness and mindfulness festival in London on 2nd March.  Their goal is to inspire peoples confidence and motivation to start working on themselves. Could we see a spike in memberships after this? (Credit: Nike, 2024)

The Gym Group revolutionises training for midlife women with industry-first programme

The Gym Group leads the industry in investing in midlife women. The sector-first programme aims to support members by raising awareness and encouraging a greater understanding of female fitness. (Credit: HCM 2024)

The HVN features in Specfinish

Mentioned for showing groundbreaking advancements in construction and design, an article devoted to The HVN features in Specfinish. An interesting read, explaining deeper the process from idea to finish. (Credit: Specfinish 2024)

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We’re loving…

Timber Terrazzo

Offcut British timber and wood waste in a durable bio-resin binder. The material promotes sustainability in a stylish way.

We love the look of this product, expect to see it on one of our future designs. Credit

Mycelium Pluma

The panels are made from soft, foam-like Mycelium fungus, which is 100% biodegradable and biobased. The sustainable and sound-absorbing material is perfect to integrate into gyms. Look out for this material with our upcoming projects. Credit


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