Gym Design Secrets: Creating spaces that fuel motivation

Fuelling motivation is crucial to the success of all gyms. The environment in which you train is going to have significant impact on your energy levels, mood, and overall performance. According to an article by Gym Insight, well designed gym interiors can increase retention rates up to 70%.

In this blog we look at how specific elements of gym interiors, such as spatial design, colours and lighting can enhance the user experience and boost customer retention.

The Importance of a Well-Designed Gym Space

Gym design extends far beyond the simple aesthetics and making things “look pretty”. The architecture and overall layout of a gym can considerably shape a member’s workout experience, giving them drive to step outside their comfort zones and strive for more.

The spatial design of a gym should be well-thought-out and purposeful. For instance, separating high-intensity workout zones from areas designated for yoga or meditation. It sounds simple, but we’ve come across numerous gyms with a disorganised layout that encourages aimless wandering around to locate the correct equipment or space for the individual’s workout. These spaces hamper movement, cause discomfort, and ultimately reduce motivation.  Gym members all have individual workout plans and as a result need to navigate a controlled and organised space.

Separating the gym floor into dedicated sections can make a world of difference. The gym floor can be segmented for different workout types such as cardio, strength training, functional training, and recovery areas. This minimises the likelihood of interruptions during workouts, fostering an efficient and smooth workout flow.

Gym design with boutique spin studio and free weight section.

There’s another reason why gym design matters, and it has to do with the business aspect of the fitness industry. When potential members walk through your doors, their first impression will inevitably be shaped by the space they see. A visually appealing and strategically designed gym acts as a powerful magnet that attracts new members while retaining the existing ones. Investing in gym design is not just a matter of aesthetics, but a strategic move that significantly contributes to your gym’s success.

In essence, maximising the use of space in a gym is all about striking the right balance – between organisation and flexibility, between usability and aesthetics. It’s about creating a space that is as welcoming as it is inspiring, as functional as it is attractive, thereby setting the stage for your members to push their limits and reach their fitness goals. So, let’s create gym spaces that not just accommodate workouts but facilitate growth and transformation.


Lighting and its Impact on Motivation

Imagine stepping into a gym where the lights are dim and poorly distributed. It doesn’t exactly inspire an enthusiastic workout, does it? Good lighting is not just about visibility, but it also significantly influences the mood and ambience of the space, affecting the motivation and concentration levels of the gym-goers.

Harnessing natural light to illuminate your gym can be an absolute game-changer. It’s not just eco-friendly, but it also has a positive psychological impact. Incorporating large windows, skylights or glass walls into your space can create a lively atmosphere, helping individuals feel more awake and motivated for their fitness routine.

Yoga wellness studio design

We used floor-to-ceiling windows to ensure an abundance of natural light for this  corporate health and wellness facility.

But what about spaces where natural light isn’t an option? That’s where indirect lighting steps in. By simulating the brightness of natural light, indirect lighting can minimise harsh shadows and prevent any dark, gloomy corners. It can help create a warm and inviting ambiance and even help gym goers navigate the space effortlessly. You can use lighting to draw attention to specific areas of your gym, making the navigation process as easy as possible.

And let’s not forget about the mood-setting capabilities of light. Just like colours, different lighting conditions can evoke various moods, playing a significant role in setting the right ambiance for each workout zone. High-intensity areas might benefit from brighter, colourful dynamic lighting, while spaces designated for mindfulness or stretching might call for a softer, more tranquil illumination.

spin studio design

Our lighting design for a cycling studio in Lunar Health Club

In essence, lighting is a powerful tool in a gym’s interior design arsenal. It’s not just about brightening the space, but about creating an environment that’s lively, welcoming, and motivating. It’s about ensuring that every member who steps into your gym feels inspired, energised, and ready to conquer their workout.


Colours that Stimulate and Energise

The colours you choose for your gym interiors can dramatically affect the mood and energy levels of your members. It’s not just about picking a trendy colour scheme for your gym, but about evoking the right emotions for the workout.

Think of warm shades like fiery reds and energising oranges, which according to Star Paint, are known to heighten alertness and stimulate excitement, This makes them an ideal choice for areas dedicated to high-intensity workouts, such as weight lifting rooms and cardio studios.

Gym design

Orange colour palette for the free weights area at The Edge Gym.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that a balanced colour scheme is key to maintaining a harmonious gym environment. While bright colours can stimulate and energise, they can be quite overwhelming if used extensively. To prevent this, balance the bright colours with some neutral tones. Think shades of white, grey or beige, which lend a calming, grounding influence, and allow the brighter shades to shine without overpowering the overall aesthetic.

Furthermore, the strategic use of colours in your gym can also subtly guide your members through the space. Different colour zones can help distinguish between various workout areas, aiding navigation and promoting a seamless workout flow.


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