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The HVN Wellness Retreat

Wellness Retreat Design

The Client

Zynk has unveiled a transformative sanctuary nestled in the heart of Knightsbridge, introducing The HVN (pronounced The Haven), a serene urban wellness retreat that redefines well-being with a bespoke fusion of therapies, medicinal practices, aesthetics, and the revered Japanese art of Forest Bathing.

Founded by a trio of professionals, the offering brings together over 70 years of extensive experience in wellbeing. Users are provided with a unique, evidence-based and optimised wellness treatments; something believed to be lacking within the industry.

The Brief

Charged with a mission to create a lasting impression of tranquillity, our brief was to fashion an environment that inspires a profound sense of well-being upon entry.

Drawing inspiration from ancestral caves and ancient woodlands, our aim was to capture the essence of organic growth and unveil the captivating beauty of the forest. The project was shaped by the mandate to infuse high-quality, evidence-based wellness practices into every aspect of the design, echoing nature’s harmony at every juncture.

The Solution

Each detail was meticulously crafted to reflect the natural world. The flowing floor patterns emulate gentle winds, while ethereal light projections transport visitors to the heart of a wooded landscape. A holistic 360˚ representation of Forest Bathing was created, complete with authentic foliage and sounds from Sherwood Forest.

Our design philosophy extended to tactile clay wall finishes adorned with botanical imprints, fostering an unbroken connection to the forest. The soft, embracing forms of the space were purposefully curated to envelop guests in an experiential realm within the heart of Forest Bathing.

Encouraging tactile exploration, relief patterns invited touch, grounding guests in a sense of unity with the environment. Scientifically proven circadian lighting was integrated throughout to enhance the calming ambiance, soothing the mind.

A crowning achievement within the experiential waiting area, zynk’s specially commissioned Cove Seat stands as a testament to the project’s ethos. Crafted from sustainably sourced timber and meticulously hand-carved by Goldfinger Design, an esteemed award-winning social enterprise specialising in bespoke timber furniture.

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“The zynk team have been exceptional to work with, holding our hand and developing this fabulous space, never letting go of the vision. A difficult and challenging space with many frustrations but never once did Alanna waver in her vision for The HVN.
It has been an absolute pleasure to have such a fantastic, professional and passionate duo of Stavros and Alanna looking after us. ”

Jo Harris, The HVN

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