UFC GYM Appoints zynk as UK Design Partner


zynk to design UFC GYM and CLASS for UK
zynk to handle design for UFC GYM UK rollout


UFC GYM® has appointed zynk as its gym interior architecture and design partner for the UK’s first rollout of the brand’s gym in Nottingham and new boutique concept in Woking, which open in April this year.

The two-pronged brief  will see zynk create an interior brand identity for CLASS UFC GYM: a new boutique offering targeting millennials and focusing on HIIT and BOX classes. With a focus on light, modern and fresh aesthetics, the new design is being unveiled at the inaugural CLASS UFC GYM site in Woking.

Dominique from UFC GYM UK, says, “CLASS UFC GYM is bringing its new boutique fitness franchise model to the UK market. The first international CLASS UFC GYM offers a modern twist on traditional boxing and heart pumping functional fitness classes in a high energy environment.”

zynk is also designing the interior layout of UFC GYM’s 16,500 sq ft site in Nottingham which will deliver the brand’s innovative training classes inspired by its mixed martial arts heritage. This interior brand identity will mirror the US, with zynk focusing on spatial planning for multiple exercise zones, including UFC‘s trademark octagon boxing ring. Other major elements include viewing areas; the efficient processing of people through the Club; the effective flow of wet and dry traffic and the positioning of drainage and safety equipment.

Stavros Theodoulou, managing director of zynk Design says, “UFC GYM has gained global respect for its dynamic fitness concept, so it is a privilege to be part of the UK design development and conceptualisation of the CLASS UFC GYM brand identity.

zynk has more than 20 years’ experience transforming interior spaces into inspiring, engaging and functional venues. Our team of talented interior architects and designers use physical space, creative graphics, carefully chosen materials and bespoke fixtures, fittings and lighting designs to bring brands to life. From raw concept through to project realisation, the zynk team has delivered exceptional design projects in gym interior architecture and design, hotel leisure facilities design, hotel spa design, hotel interior design, luxury health club design, HiiT Studio Design, indoor cycling studio design and restaurant design. See examples of our work here.

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