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zynk design urban wellness retreat The HVN

zynk’s latest wellness design project unveils a transformative sanctuary nestled in the heart of Knightsbridge, introducing The HVN (pronounced The Haven). The serene urban wellness retreat redefines well-being with a bespoke fusion of therapies, medicinal practices, aesthetics, and the revered Japanese art of Forest Bathing.

Tasked with curating an oasis exuding tranquillity and enduring positivity, zynk drew inspiration from ancient woodlands and primal caves, epitomising organic growth and unveiling the raw, captivating beauty of the forest.

At the core of HVN’s ethos lies a commitment to delivering premium, evidence-based wellness experiences. This philosophy seamlessly intertwines with zynk’s wellness design approach, echoing nature’s essence at every turn. Flowing floor patterns mimic the gentle wind, while ethereal light projections evoke a woodland stroll. The immersive 360˚ portrayal of Forest Bathing, complemented by authentic and preserved foliage, emanates scents and sounds of Sherwood Forest.

The walls, adorned with tactile clay finishes imprinted with botanical motifs, establish an unbroken connection to the forest. The gentle, embracing contours carve cocoon-like spaces, cocooning guests in an experiential realm within the heart of Forest Bathing.

Encouraging tactile exploration, relief patterns invite touch, fostering a sense of rootedness and unity with the crafted environment. Circadian lighting, scientifically proven to soothe the mind, envelops the space, further enhancing the calming ambiance.

A highlight within the experiential waiting area, zynk’s specially commissioned Cove Seat stands as a testament to the space’s ethos. Crafted from sustainably sourced timber and meticulously hand-carved by Goldfinger Design, an esteemed award-winning social enterprise specialising in bespoke timber furniture.

For more information, please contact zynk Design Managing Director and Founder, Stavros Theodoulou at 07866556610 or email stavros@zynkdesign.com.