Parthian Climbing Centre

Active Leisure Design

Parthian Climbing Centre approached zynk to design their new active leisure space in Wandsworth.

The Client

Developed and run by ex-climbing professionals, Parthian is building a community that inspires and grows the next generation of climbers. They are devoted to making climbing accessible for everyone, offering group and private classes at any skill level. Having already successfully launched centres in four other UK cities, the client sought a bespoke Wandsworth location and tasked zynk to create an exciting design. 

The Brief

The brief was clear: craft a multifunctional space that resonated with their climbing ethos whilst catering to the diverse needs of the Wandsworth community. The focal point wasn’t just the climbing walls; it was about fostering a sense of belonging and climbing camaraderie within the space.

The Solution

Drawing inspiration from the rugged landscape that climbers intimately engage with, every aspect of the design was meticulously curated. From the textures adorning the walls to the strategic play of colours and the choice of materials, each aspect was a nod to the adventurous spirit inherent in climbing culture. The lighting, carefully orchestrated, aimed not just to illuminate but to evoke a sense of dynamism and vitality.

What made the design truly distinctive was its holistic approach. It wasn’t solely about scaling heights but about creating a community hub. A communal lounge acted as a nucleus, inviting climbers to unwind and bond. The incorporation of a co-working space and a cafe bar area served as extensions, catering to varied needs and encouraging a collaborative environment.

However, it wasn’t just about aesthetics or functionality. The design was underpinned by a commitment to safety and sustainability. Every element was thoughtfully engineered to ensure a secure environment without compromising on the overall experience. Accessibility was a key tenet, ensuring that the space was open and inviting to climbers of all levels and abilities.

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