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The Client

zynk has recently completed the fourth IntenCity HIIT Fitness studio design for Fusion Lifestyle at Park Road Pools and Fitness, Haringey. The 1500sq ft facility will provide five different genres of HIIT training classes.

The Brief

IntenCity boutique HIIT fitness studios are located within existing leisure centers so zynk was briefed to create a distinctive character which reflected the unique exercise experience, without alienating existing members.

The Solution

zynk took its cue for the brand’s striking red and black aesthetics from the core purpose of the HIIT classes which is to take participants’ heart rates into the red zone of their personal MyZone™ monitors. Careful spatial planning ensures the studios can timetable substantial classes to guarantee a satisfactory ROI.

zynk has more than 20 years’ experience transforming interior spaces into inspiring, engaging and functional venues. Our team of talented interior architects and designers use physical space, creative graphics, carefully chosen materials and bespoke fixtures, fittings and lighting designs to bring brands to life.

From raw concept through to project realisation, the zynk team has delivered exceptional design projects in gym design, hotel leisure facilities design, hotel spa design, hotel interior design, health club design, HIIT Fitness Studio Design, indoor cycling studio design and restaurant design. See examples of our work here.

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Gym Reception Fit Out
“We are delighted that the studio creates a striking focal point within the existing gym and effectively communicates to members that they can expect a different training experience with IntenCity. As part of the brief, Zynk has also future proofed our brand identity by subtly evolving it without moving away from its core values.”

Darren Anderson, Group Fitness Manager

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