Retra Boutique Fitness Studio designed by zynk


Boutique Fitness Studio interior design
Boutique Fitness Studio Gym design


zynk Design is working with fitness experts RETRA to realise a new concept in trainer-lead boutique fitness studio design, with classes expecting to start later in the year at The Wharf development, Paddington.

RETRA is a journey that encompasses fitness needs through a combination of Scientifically tested methods to optimise results in every workout. In just 30 minutes, members complete a full-body functional workout that changes every day.

Located in a new-build office block, the 1500 sq ft studio offers screen-based technology which displays what exercise members need to do at each station. Central to the success of RETRA’S  studio is the intelligent spatial planning of the equipment and acoustics to ensure the agile movement of members between stations.

Working with Building Control Advisors, zynk also successfully changed the building’s existing fire door into RETRA’s main members’ entrance. Further planning includes the members’ smooth journey through the studio and waiting areas.

Key elements of RETRA’s graphic design have been used throughout the venue to create a brand experience that communicates its inclusive and accessible ethos.

zynk is a team of specialist interior architects and designers with more than two decades’ experience in the wellness sector. It has helped a considerable number of businesses create successful health and wellness ventures through intelligent design solutions. To see more examples of our gym designs, hotel and spa designs, visit here.

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