The Importance of Interior Design in Fitness Facilities

Should I invest in interior design for my gym?

The importance of interior design is sometimes overlooked, especially in the fitness world. The drive that gets people to the gym is their focus on health and fitness, so do they care how the space looks? The answer is yes: there are several reasons why creative interior design can affect the success of gyms.

At zynk Design, we believe interior design is about creating experiences, not just aesthetically pleasing spaces. We focus on making people visit the gym because they want to, not because they feel like they have to.

In this blog, we take a look at how interior design can boost guest experience, create loyalty and encourage community. 


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Drawing people in

People are naturally drawn to aesthetic places. Be it a retail store, a restaurant or the gym, if the space is visually appealing and well-designed, more people will be inclined to visit. Of course, there is no ‘one size fits all approach’ to designing attractive spaces. Each space is individual and aligned with the brand personality, but the result is the same- An enjoyable and exciting environment helps to maintain member satisfaction. 

To create a visually appealing gym, interior design elements such as colours, lighting, and layout need to be carefully considered. Strategic placement of equipment and thoughtful design elements can create a spatial flow that guides clients throughout the gym, facilitating an easy and pleasant experience.



Being personal

In this competitive fitness industry, setting your gym apart from the rest is crucial for success. Interior design can help to reinforce your gym’s brand identity and create a memorable experience that clients associate with your brand. The design choices made in your gym can reflect your unique style and personality, helping to shape a strong brand image. With interior design, your gym can become a physical representation of your brand’s values and mission, allowing clients to connect with your gym on a deeper level.

By incorporating your brand’s colour scheme, logo, and signage throughout the gym, clients will be reminded of your brand at every visit. This consistent branding will not only leave a lasting impression but also ensure that your gym is easily recognisable and memorable among new signups. 


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Smooth experience

The design and layout of a gym play a crucial role in optimising the user experience. Well-thought-out interior design can positively impact comfort and enjoyment during workouts, making the overall experience more pleasant. Strategic consideration for factors such as lighting, colours, and equipment placement can greatly influence the user experience.

An ergonomic design that takes into account movement patterns and accessibility helps to improve efficiency and ease of use. For example, placing equipment in designated zones for different muscle groups allows for a smooth flow and minimises congestion, especially during peak hours. This attention to detail fosters an environment where clients can focus on their workouts without unnecessary distractions.

By utilising space effectively, clients can move around the gym freely whether they are using cardio machines, weight training equipment, or engaging in classes. Additionally, creating dedicated areas for recovery, functional training, and other specific activities ensures that clients have the necessary space and environment for a focused workout.




For commercial gyms, soundproofing poses one of the biggest challenges in the design phase. Having to abide by strict regulations, different audio systems, flooring and wallcoverings are required to minimise vibrations internally and externally. Additionally, avoiding an echoing space will provide members with a comfortable experience while working out. 

The interior design of a gym can help to reduce the reverberation time of sound waves with the use of ceiling and wall treatments, flooring materials, sound isolation and acoustic modelling. A bonus is many of these treatments are user-friendly and can be customised into the brand’s colours and décor.  



Motivating spaces

The atmosphere created by interior design has a direct impact on clients’ motivation and mindset during their workouts. Thoughtfully chosen colours, lighting, and décor elements can inspire clients to push themselves harder and stay committed to their fitness goals.

Colours have the power to evoke emotions and stimulate different moods. Using energising colours like red and orange in high-intensity areas can create a sense of excitement and motivation, while soothing colours like blue and green in calming areas can promote relaxation and focus. We have written a separate blog on the effects of colours in gyms, have a read here.


Fusion gym interior design and architecture with equipment



Well-designed spaces facilitate social interaction and community among gym members. Common areas, group exercise studios, and relaxation zones create opportunities for members to connect, engage, and support each other. This creates a sense of belonging and loyalty to the gym. Recent studies have shown that an increase in human interaction is now a significant factor for people when joining a gym. Providing these well-designed spaces is likely to attract more members. 



The fitness industry is constantly evolving, with new trends and exercise modalities emerging regularly. A well-designed gym needs to be flexible and adaptable to accommodate these changes. By incorporating design elements such as modular furniture, versatile layouts, and multifunctional spaces, your gym can easily adjust and update its offerings as the industry evolves.

Modular furniture and adjustable equipment layouts enable easy reconfiguration of spaces to accommodate new fitness trends or classes. Multifunctional areas can accommodate a variety of exercises and activities, catering to diverse client needs. This adaptability not only enhances the value and versatility of your gym but also demonstrates your commitment to providing an up-to-date fitness experience.


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