How corporate wellbeing can improve brand perception

Recent studies have shown that 71% of consumers prefer buying from, or working with, companies that are aligned with their values. What’s more, 90% of consumers have said that it is important to them that brands take care of their employees.

Given the recent pandemic-related stress and health concerns, it’s no surprise that 81% of large companies offered a workplace wellness program in 2020.

The demand for value-driven businesses and corporate wellbeing strategies are increasing more than ever before, especially given that there is a prevalent correlation between your staff’s wellbeing and happy customers. 

With that in mind, here are some ways that a strong corporate wellbeing strategy can improve brand perception. 

How a corporate wellbeing strategy can improve brand perception

  • It creates a positive reputation and trust

First and foremost, if your aim is to improve brand perception, then you are likely striving to gain a positive reputation as a company. 

Let’s take a look at one of the most valuable brands in the world: Google. There is no doubt that Google has an impeccable reputation, and part of this is due to them being well-known for having an incredible corporate wellbeing program. 

Google locations feature it all, from gyms to fitness centres and even onsite physical therapy and massage services. There’s no wonder that it is one of the most trusted brands among Gen Z and millennials. 

If Google can look after its employees to such a high standard, a customer will have no doubt that they will receive the same level of care. 

  • It increases employee advocacy and customer service

As mentioned above, we know that happy employees lead to happy customers. According to studies by The World Health Organisation, higher employee wellbeing is associated with higher morale

So, there is no doubt that your staff will speak highly of your company with a corporate wellbeing strategy in place.

That boost in morale also has a direct, positive impact on customer service, which is a huge driver in your brand’s value and reputation. So if your employees can deliver this with excellence, it will only provide countless benefits for your branding. 

  • It solidifies your existing brand values

Information about companies is more readily available online than ever before. Both customers and employees can openly share their experiences with a business online with ease. 

Negative press is always more memorable than positive press, so if your company preaches positive values but has poor employee wellbeing, your customers will find out and remember this. Not only does this reflect badly on your brand, but it also makes the good things that your company does lose credibility.

Therefore, a focus on corporate wellbeing is necessary to maintain well-rounded brand values. 

  • It helps you hire more talent

Branding is not always customer-facing. Those seeking jobs are likely to research a company heavily before they apply to see whether their values align. 

Corporate wellbeing strategies are integral factors for job seekers. In fact, more than 50% of people view wellness programs as valuable, and this is to be expected in a time where physical and mental health are heavily considered in the workplace.

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A wellness centre is an excellent choice when it comes to reducing mental and physical health issues, increasing employee productivity and keeping employees motivated. You can read more on that in our recent blog on how corporate wellness centres improve employee wellbeing.

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