Why golf simulators are the entertainment of the future

Consumers, now more than ever, have an expectation for entertainment venues to be innovative, high tech and exciting.

In 2020, there were 5.2 million adult golfers in the UK. Combined with those who are simply looking for a fun and unique activity, there is no doubt a large market for golf simulator rooms.

But what are the benefits of golf simulators for consumers, and how can indoor golf design boost their success? 

Golf simulator rooms: What are they and how do they work?

Before jumping into some golf simulator room design elements, let’s take a look at what they actually are.

Golf simulators are a relatively new piece of advanced technology, providing an alternative to real golf with added benefits. 

They feature floor to ceiling screens to project life-like imagery of a golf course. You then hit a ball and the simulator uses sensors, radars and cameras to thoroughly analyse your shot. The simulator will then display the entire flight of the ball in real time.

Why is a golf simulator a great entertainment venue investment?

  • It is a fun and immersive experience

With millions of people in the UK attending entertainment venues every year, consumers are looking for new and exciting experiences. 

Golf simulator rooms are completely immersive – it would be difficult to not feel as though you were playing a real game of golf whilst standing in front of a floor to ceiling screen, along with surround sound that truly immerses the user. 

Not only does this create a deeper impression on customers, but those who regularly practice golf will enjoy the familiar feeling of being on a golf course, without even having to physically be there. 

  • Provides an indoor alternative to a very popular sport

For those who do regularly play golf, golf simulator rooms are an excellent alternative to the real thing that can actually help to improve skills. 

In fact, a regular user of a golf simulator reported decreasing their average score from between 77-85 to a new range of 70-77. They can help golfers perfect their swings and shape their shots, thus improving both ability and consistency.

Not only this, but – especially in the UK – golf is undeniably a summer sport. With no hard or muddy grass, golf simulators provide golfers with a way to play all year round.

However, since golfers are much more accustomed to a real golf course than a customer looking for a bit of fun, your indoor golf design will need to be impeccable to impress even the pros.

  • They appeal to a wide target audience

Whilst regular golfers will certainly be a large portion of your target audience, there is a large market for those who are just looking for a fun activity to do with friends or family. 

Popular golf entertainment business, Top Golf, reported serving more than 23 million guests in 2019 with more than 50% of consumers identifying as non-golfers.

This really opens up opportunities to target different audiences through the design of the venue. For example, the addition of a bar area can turn the venue into a place for groups of friends to go out for drinks whilst enjoying a fun game of golf simulator. 

  • Golf simulators are high-tech and unique

Nothing gets people talking quite like a new piece of high technology. Experiencing a new form of entertainment is an unforgettable experience for most.

This is why the design of a golf simulator room can really elevate customer experience. Whilst the golf simulator itself is novel and exciting, it needs to be shown off in a unique space in order to retain customers.

We developed the brand architecture and interior design for The Golf Foundry, a holistic indoor golf experience aimed at city professionals. The 10,000 sq ft, central London location comprises revolutionary golf simulators that enable golfers to play any course in the world, professional instructors providing tuition and a members’ lounge.

As part of our designs, we ensured the specification of all hard and soft furnishings, interior design finishes and materials combine to create a harmonious synergy between the areas of work and play.

Golf simulator room designs at zynk Design

At zynk Design, we’re experts in creating immersive experience designs for clients in the leisure and entertainment industry.

We understand that creating a successful leisure experience requires the creative translation of a concept across the entire venue.

Find out more about our previous golf simulator design project for The Golf Foundry or get in touch to discuss your visions. 

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