How a corporate wellness centre can improve employee wellbeing

Corporate wellness centres have been a much talked about topic for some time, with many companies now stepping up their commitments to an employee wellness program as hybrid working has brought people back into offices.

According to a REBA and AXA Health Employee Wellbeing Report 2021, 82% of private sector businesses have now implemented some form of wellbeing benefits for staff.

Regular exercise is crucial for a healthy immune system, and wellbeing initiatives that include access to a corporate gym and spa are particularly in demand as they’re a great way of supporting employees that are returning back to the office.

And they don’t just benefit employees: reducing the number of sick days and increasing general productivity rates are just two examples that show the importance of employee wellbeing for a business.

How corporate wellness facilities positively impact employee wellbeing

They reduce mental and physical health issues

In the UK, 70 million work days are lost every year to mental health problems, costing employers approximately £2.4 billion and reducing their profits by 10%.

Similarly, studies have found that 75% of doctor visits are due to health issues that can be linked back to work stress related problems, which can accrue significant health care costs for employers.

Regular exercise has the ability to improve both physical health and mental wellbeing by reducing anxiety and depression while simultaneously improving sleep and boosting energy.


They increase employee productivity

One of the key business benefits of employee wellbeing is that happier, healthier employees are associated with higher productivity and firm performance.

According to the research, happy employees are more likely to work hard to enlighten customers and are less likely to leave the company, reducing staff turnover.

This is largely due to higher employee morale: creating a workplace culture in which employees feel valued and cared for means they automatically become more productive.

What’s more, exercising releases endorphins and dopamine, which can result in a significant mood boost. Giving employees access to a corporate gym membership is a great way to impact their mood for the day and show you care about their long term workplace health.


They make employees more motivated

Research shows that only 12% of UK employees find their office environment to be very motivating. Noone likes being confined to an office space for the whole day, and an office gym or spa that employees can use to unwind helps break out of that corporate routine.

It also means that when they get back to work, they feel refreshed and ready to tackle tasks more efficiently.


Luxury corporate wellness centres

A corporate office gym or spa can transform the workplace to be somewhere luxurious and exciting, creating a memorable experience for employees that are going back to the office.

At zynk design, we’re experts in helping businesses offer wellbeing in the workplace by creating luxurious wellness facilities employees will want to return to again and again.

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