A new look and feel for Oxygen Activeplay

A breath of fresh air: The latest news for Oxygen Activeplay

Since our first design for Oxygen back in 2015, they have undergone a transformative rebrand. Emerging as Oxygen Activeplay, they’ve managed to transition from traditional trampoline parks into the ultimate indoor activity venue. Their new offering is a wide range of activities and events to cater for all ages and interests.

Oxygen Activeplay faced a unique challenge. The varied look and feel between their existing and upcoming sites needed unification. It was difficult to distinguish their new brand at the existing locations and as a result they required a complete refurbishment.

zynk were briefed to bring their brand characteristics to their existing facilities, in addition to developing several new sites nationwide.



The refurbishment

The refurbishments provide new life to the dated venues, departing from the traditional blue and yellow colour palette. A mixture of pastel colours now covers the walls and protective equipment, giving the spaces a fresh and energetic look. The refurbished venues have been designed to incorporate different thrills, with each park offering something unique. Climbing walls, soft play and different interactive zones have become standard across their parks, offering much more than their original trampolining activity.  Designated areas for children’s birthday parties, comfort cafes and quiet rooms have all been integrated to the parks, promising fun for all.

Among the standout features, we particularly love the addition of the excitement tunnel at Romford. This epic park entrance sets the tone for the adventure ahead with its futuristic sci-fi vibes.

New Site news

The 8th Activeplay venue has opened in York and boasts a range of unique activities for users. The implementation of the “Strike arena”- an interactive, point scoring team game- is the first of its kind across the brand and looks to increase the participation of larger groups and parties.

As Oxygen continue to grow their parks across the county, zynk will ensure that designs will continue to inspire excitement and energy to all who step onto the springs.