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The Client

CityFit is Poland’s number one gym operator, zynk have designed all 20, of their  24-hour budget gym sites across the country. The brand is evolving from its original concept into a full-service operation, while remaining at the budget end of the gym market.

The Brief

zynk have been CityFit’s design partner from the outset, providing a complete design service for the portfolio of sites ensuring the brand personality remains consistent.

The Solution

Taking the angular nature of the brand identity zynk developed the CityFit spike and juxtapose angles to give the spaces a sense of direction and interest, reminiscent of a City Skyline.

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“From the first meeting with Zynk it was clear we were talking to the right people. With their understanding, guidance and commitment we have delivered a stunning chain of clubs and a design that our members really appreciate. It’s a relationship which is allowing our company to flourish.”

Richard Keen Chairman CityFit

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