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Behind the Design: Lunar Health Club

Health club interior design: Lunar Health Club.

Lunar has appointed zynk Design as their interior design partner for the transformation of a two-story office space. This project is geared towards establishing a private health club set to open its doors in 2024. The health club’s design incorporates multiple amenities to cater to diverse fitness needs, signalling a commitment to offering a comprehensive wellness experience.

Comprehensive fitness space

The club features a state-of-the-art gymnasium, strategically designed with specific zones dedicated to cardio, functional training, strength workouts, and recovery. Additionally, the inclusion of a multifunctional studio, a spin studio, and a reformer Pilates studio ensures that member have access to a well-rounded fitness environment tailored to their individual preferences and goals.

The health club’s wellness suite serves as a stark yet complementary contrast to the high-energy fitness spaces. This serene retreat is characterised by warm tones, soft textures, and a balanced neutral palette, creating an inviting and peaceful atmosphere. The design transforms the wellness suite into a sanctuary explicitly crafted for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Celestial inspiration

The overarching design concept of the health club draws inspiration from celestial landscapes. The choice of colours, textures, and shapes all harmoniously align with integrated lighting to create an ethereal ambiance. This celestial theme not only adds a unique and visually captivating dimension to the health club but also reinforces the idea that members are embarking on a transformative journey within a space that transcends the ordinary.

In conclusion, Lunar’s partnership with zynk Design for the interior design of their health club exemplifies a commitment to providing a holistic and diverse wellness experience. Through thoughtful design choices, the health club aims to offer a space where members can engage in energetic workouts, find solace in a serene wellness retreat, and connect with a celestial-inspired environment that enhances their overall well-being.

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