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The transformation of Kingsmead Leisure Centre

Leisure centre interior design: Kingsmead Leisure Centre.

Fusion Lifestyle appointed zynk to be their interior design partner for the complete transformation of Kingsmead Leisure Centre in Canterbury.

The heart of Canterbury’s fitness community, Kingsmead Leisure Centre desperately required investment into their dated facilities. The proposal was focussed around breathing new life into the leisure centre to be enjoyed by present and future recreation lovers.

The comprehensive refurbishment encompasses both existing facilities and the creation of innovative health and fitness spaces.


A complete refurbishment

The new reception, foyer and café bar provides a fresh new entrance to the facility. The area has been designed to streamline the entry process with the introduction of self-check-in barriers and create community with the inviting food and beverage offering.

The old gym required a complete redesign to incorporate contemporary workout routines. The new offering boasts a holistic approach to fitness, due to the multiple workout zones and a new dedicated ‘Intencity’ studio. The design focusses on providing an exciting and energetic workout space, with intricate use of colours and textures throughout.


New build facilities

To enhance the class offerings, three new boutique studios have been added to the leisure centre. These include a cycle studio, a multipurpose exercise studio, and a holistic studio, ensuring that members have access to a diverse range of workout options.

Embracing a holistic wellness approach, a new build thermal suite provides a contemporary stream, sauna and ice pool offering. These new facilities provide accessible rest and recovery areas in the leisure centre.

Lastly, the dry changing area has seen a complete refurbish, alongside the introduction of new build village changing areas. The inviting spaces will encourage longer time spent in the leisure centre.


Coming summer 2024

The circa £8m transformation is well underway. Phase 1 demolition is complete and the shell for the new build areas has been installed. The steel framing gives outline to the three new boutique studios, thermal suite and changing areas.  Visitors can visualise the exciting changes whilst still using the available facilities.

Stay tuned for regular development updates via the Active Life Website.   Visit our LinkedIn page where we’ll share the latest progress and exciting features of the Kingsmead Leisure Centre transformation.

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