How to make a food and beverage space work in your gym

Today, working out is a huge part of many people’s lives. Whether they do weight training or yoga or cycling, the end goal is the same: people want to become healthier. And whilst exercise helps get fitness results, many people realise they also need to have a healthy diet to achieve their health goals. 

As a business owner, you have a great opportunity here to capture that need by adding a cafe or juice bar to your gym space. In this article, we discuss the benefits of starting a juice bar inside a gym and how to make it work for your business. 

Making a juice bar work for your gym

1. Understand your customers’ needs 

People go to the gym for many reasons and have different ideas about nutrition and healthy eating. It is important to educate your members on the importance of nutrition alongside regular exercise, and to highlight the benefits of fruits and vegetables, especially when consumed via a smoothie or fresh juice.

Keeping your audience’s interests in mind, relating health benefits back to fitness gains as well will gauge their interest. For example, watermelon juice is a great post-workout drink because of its unique amino acid compound citrulline, which helps reduce muscle cramps and soreness while regulating muscle fatigue. Remember to consider different dietary needs and to always highlight any allergies.

In order to offer the right menu, you will need to understand your customers’ fitness goals, needs, and requirements. Think of them in terms of different personas. What activities or classes are they partaking in? What weight lifting equipment are they using? Does the bar need to cater to more strenuous exercise and offer more than just juices and smoothies? 

2. Consider your gym’s layout plan

Before you dive in to make it happen, you need to consider where you have enough space for it in your gym’s layout plan. Look into:

  • What is already in your existing space? Do you have a large amount of storage space?
  • The potential placement of the gym juice bar. Is it easy to locate when your customers navigate around your gym?
  • Think about the design of your bar. You may need to install light fittings, artwork, mirrors, and equipment. All of this will influence the amount of space you need.
  • Juice bar customers are health-conscious consumers, so look for areas in your gym that offer yoga or pilates. Can you incorporate your space there?
  • Consider designing your space near a high-traffic area. Is it possible for non-members to use your gym bar if they can access it from the street? Many juice bars are now thriving because they offer takeout options to consumers, as many people are not dining out as much since the pandemic. 

For more on gym layout design, have a look at our recent blog on improving customer experience with different layout techniques

3. Design a unique space to stand out 

In order to create a memorable space your customers will love to return to again and again, you need to understand that design can influence psychology in a number of ways.

The mood and ambiance you want to create will impact the colours, lighting, and acoustics of the space. If you want to go for a healthy and happy feel,  use natural light and integrate biophilic design elements, such as natural colours, textures, and plants to improve wellbeing. You can also implement natural sounds, like the sound of falling rain, to help connect guests to the outdoors.

Keep in mind that your budget will influence your overall design and feel as well. 

There are several factors to consider when determining your budget, including: 

  • Design costs and building costs 
  • Project management costs  
  • Ongoing monthly costs such as staff salaries 
  • Fluid monthly costs such as the price of ingredients and marketing materials 

4. Keeping customer trends in mind

Opening a juice bar could be a great way to add more value for your members and encourage them to come back to the gym. Since the pandemic, many people are working from home, and this will probably continue long term. People working remotely are looking for opportunities to socialise. 

Gyms provide the perfect backdrop to foster communities and to become a social hub. Keep this opportunity in mind when designing your space, as you may want to integrate ‘quiet areas’ or install sound-insulated walls to make it easier for people to use the space to work.

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