How a Hotel’s Gym design impacts guest experience

In the competitive hospitality industry, guest experience is one of the key ways hotels can differentiate themselves from competitors. 

A positive experience allows a hotel to establish an emotional connection with guests, usually occurring in the form of guests feeling happy, comfortable and welcome at an establishment.

For hotels trying to stay competitive, improving customer experience goes well beyond having a good booking process, excellent front desk experience or top notch room service.

With interest in health and wellness at an all-time high, hotels that provide excellent fitness facilities will find themselves well ahead of guest demand.

Below, we’ve listed some of the many ways that different hotel gym designs will boost guest experience and increase repeat business.

Five ways gym design will improve hotel guest experience

1) It makes guests feel good about themselves

The design of a hotel’s gym and wellness facility can subconsciously impact a person’s mood. While the primary goal is to help people stay fit, building a gym in a dark basement or a dreary, spare hotel room will do more harm than good.

Big open space plans that ensure enough room to perform movements safely automatically give a more professional feel.

What’s more, when checking their form in a mirror, guests want to look good – and the right lighting will immediately boost how they feel about themselves.

Using natural light and having views of the outdoors (or better yet – bringing it inside) will work a treat as well.

Humans instinctively seek a connection with nature and tend to feel instant psychological benefits when greenery is brought inside. For example, plants are proven to relieve stress and improve wellbeing in general.

Incorporating these hacks into a hotel gym’s interior design will do wonders in making guests feel happier.

2) It helps guests stay motivated and on track

Exercising releases endorphins, and dopamine, also known as the ‘happy hormone’, will help lift guest spirits.

But everyone needs a little motivation to hit the gym from time to time, and the right environment can boost energy and encourage a positive attitude.

Using lively, bold colours and patterns to make a fitness center a design statement in itself will increase guest engagement and make it more inviting to passersby. 

Similarly, integrating virtual systems to allow for a defined audio and visual set up further adds a sense of energy.

3) It helps guests be more sustainable

Climate change is becoming an ever greater concern amongst guests, and many have called upon the hospitality industry to become more eco-friendly.

A hotel with well-thought out design that incorporates sustainable practices will naturally get plus points from climate conscious guests.

One way to incorporate sustainability into gym design is to manage energy consumption. For example, by setting timers on gym equipment to shut down during low usage times and adding sensors to lights to ensure they don’t stay on constantly. 

Removing plastic and using recycled materials when building a gym will further help reduce a hotel’s carbon footprint and can be a big selling point to guests.

The more a hotel shows it cares about the health and safety of our planet, the greater the impact on guest experience.

4) It makes for great memories

Beyond great gym design, what guests really crave is an experience – ideally one they can share on social media.

High-end, instagram-worthy experiential spaces will allow a hotel’s gym facilities to become a popular destination to return to again and again.

From hosting celebrity personal trainers to offering roof terrace yoga classes and immersive exercise experiences, the more it will make an establishment stand out in a unique way, the better.

5) It makes guests become more loyal

Finally, incorporating health and wellbeing into everyday life is a long-term choice. And if guests have a positive experience at a hotel, they’re more likely to return.

Hotels and resorts with great health and wellness facilities have higher repeat visitation rates, ranging between 45% to 60%, compared to traditional hotels.

Making a hotel a favourite go-to destination for guests will ensure it stays top of mind whenever a vacation is needed, solidifying guest loyalty and allowing for repeat visits again and again. 

Creating luxurious spaces for health and wellness

With over two decades experience in the health and wellness sector, we’re well versed in hotel gym design projects that enhance the guest experience.

Our creative team is bursting with different hotel gym design ideas and is experienced in working closely with an establishment to ensure the gym and wellness facilities fit into the overall design of the hotel. 

For some inspiration, have a look at some of our recent hotel wellness design projects.

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