Friends working out together in a home gym that uses integrated virtual systems to provide an immersive experience.

The future of immersive experience design for home wellness

Fast-paced lifestyles have led to an increase in chronic illness, stress and anxiety in recent decades, which in turn has resulted in interest in health and wellbeing being at an all-time high.

As humans, we’re now more conscious of our physical and mental health than ever before as we try to incorporate ways to reduce stress in our everyday lives. 

Wellness real estate: the rise of the home gym and spa

This has brought about a trend known as wellness real estate, where homes are proactively designed and built to support the holistic wellbeing of residents.

Exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, we now spend the majority of our time at home. It’s thus only logical that our home should also be an investment in our health and wellbeing.

More and more individuals are now opting for home gyms and spas – with an (immersive) twist. Designing a space to provide an immersive experience means it can reduce stress and promote wellbeing like never before.

At zynk Design, we’re experts at creating multisensory experiences in the health and wellness space. Our designs ensure a seamless experience between sensory modalities, such as light, sound and scent, to improve wellbeing the moment you step into a space. 

Immersive wellness through design

Read on to find out how incorporating a multisensory experience in a home wellness space impacts wellbeing.

  • Light
    Enough exposure to natural light is a vital resource to improve both our physical and psychological wellbeing. It helps our bodies produce Vitamin D, helps regulate sleep patterns and studies show it even makes us happier.

    Incorporating enough natural light into the immersive design of a home wellbeing space, ideal for activities such as yoga and flexibility training, is therefore key. In combination with muted palettes, enough natural lighting will create a calming atmosphere – ideal for wellbeing workouts.

  • Sound
    Sound and music have a big impact on motivation as they increase stimulation between auditory and motor neurons. Music motivates us to move, and physical activity sparks mental activity, improving mental focus.

    From a design perspective, integrating virtual systems to allow for a defined audio and visual set up adds a sense of energy to the space. Home gyms can also be designed with floor to ceiling cinematic visuals, allowing for a mixed reality training experience that enhances the sensorial stimulation.

  • Scent
    The sense of smell plays an important role in the physiological effects of mood and stress, with studies revealing that specific scents and fragrances affect brain activities and cognitive functions. Scents like rosemary, lavender and jasmine, for example, are known for their calming properties.

    Home spas particularly benefit from adding scents as they help create an environment of relaxation. For example, thermal heat experiences, such as halotherapy, are designed for individuals to breathe in steam infused with salt and essential oils. These salt-steam rooms, or salt caves, act as a natural treatment for a number of health problems and help reduce everyday life stress. 

Immersive wellness designers for your home

As specialists in gym and spa design and interior architecture, we thoroughly understand the essential components for home wellness to fit into a home both aesthetically and operationally.

With over two decades of experience, we’ve built up crucial relationships with luxury gym and spa equipment suppliers and can facilitate both equipment procurement and specialist finishes as well. 

We’ve had the pleasure of designing a large number of home gyms and spas throughout Europe and the Middle East.

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