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How-to Series: Design an Ambient Yoga Studio

How To Design an Ambient Yoga Studio

When designing a yoga studio, there should be a huge focus on achieving the correct aura and ambience. To allow users to reach a sense of tranquillity and zen, the design concept should consider a balance of space, light, sound, natural elements and good ventilation. Read below for some tips and tricks to help your studio enchant your users:


Correct Space Plan:

To promote a peaceful environment, your yoga studio should be spacious and uncluttered. This helps to facilitate movement around the mats during the beginning and end of sessions. As a general guideline, we recommend allowing at least 20 square feet of space per user, giving them freedom and comfort whilst performing the exercises. For instructor-led classes, the mats should be facing a focal point, with an even separation between them for a clean and unified aesthetic.


Multifunctional Storage:

Creating a hidden space to store unused props is essential for maintaining a peaceful environment. Take the image above for example, which is a yoga designed by zynk. The back of the studio features a retractable curtain, which seamlessly blends into the studio walls and hides the compartmental storage behind. Wall storage solutions are perfect for studios with limited space and they look great when on show. Another great recommendation is bench storage, which doubles up as a place for users to sit and socialise at the beginning and end of each class. In studio storage is great for security and organisation, as it lowers the risk of theft and reduces the need for clients to move in and out during a session.

Lighting Elements:

When applicable, harness the power of natural light to foster energy and positivity for your clients. Architectural planning of the space can maximise the use of windows and skylights for daytime sessions. When considering artificial lighting, we recommend warm-coloured lighting diffused throughout the space, which is soft on the eyes. As clients may spend a long duration of time looking upwards, it’s important to avoid spotlighting from the ceiling. Beaming light from above will make it difficult to concentrate and focus. Instead, consider layered lighting and dimmer switches, which allow for flexibility when creating ambience.



Spilt into two factors, both mitigating noise and distributing noise around your studio, sound control is a significant factor in designing an inviting yoga studio. Acoustic panelling should be designed into the space to help diffuse echoes and outside noise. Fabric wall décor and cork flooring help reduce unwanted soundwaves from riding through the studio. On the other hand, relaxing melodies or natural sounds help to promote tranquillity and calm. Having a high-quality sound system to distribute music and instructor guidance is important for a great user experience.

Natural look and feel:

A natural interior design concept can help your students feel connected to nature whilst inside the studio. Using a natural colour palette inspired by earthy tones to promote a deep connection to the natural environment. Soft greens, light browns, beiges, and blues are calming and tranquil tones. Partnered with natural materials such as wood, stone or bamboo in the flooring, wall accents or furniture helps to incorporate organic textures into the space.



Whether it’s hot or normal yoga, an efficient HVAC system is essential in maintaining a pleasant and safe environment within studios. For all our designs, we work closely with an M&E consultant and produce M&E coordination drawings, ensuring your studio will have a great system in place and adhere to building compliance. Ventilation in yoga studios is important because it filters the air and regulates the humidity, making it safer for your clients. Additionally, strong ventilation contributes to the studios ambience, removing smells and maintaining the fresh and clean image of yoga.


yoga studio interior design with mirror wall and tall windows
45th floor yoga studio with city views