Introducing The Padel Club, Gloucester

A new hub for padel lovers in the South West

The Padel Club continues its expansion across the UK with a new site located in Gloucester Quays.

Our design has been created with an emphasis on social interaction, competition, and community that caters to different aspects of the sport and its social culture. At the heart of the facility will be the courts themselves, designed to meet professional standards, ensuring an optimal playing experience for all skill levels. The main competition court is furnished with mini ‘grandstand spectator seating’, allowing friends, family, and community members to watch games comfortably. This setup fosters a sense of excitement and support, crucial for both casual matches and intense competitions.

Beyond the courts, the facility will feature a spacious and inviting ‘clubhouse’ area, serving as the social hub. This clubhouse zone includes comfortable seating, casual work area, retail display as well as the café bar serving hot and cold refreshments, all acting as the heart of the facility where players can socialise and relax.

The Padel Club continues its vision of providing a social community for padel players of all skill levels.

Check out the full case study here